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The family partnership was formed to handle the creation of the hardback book out of silence: Marcel Marceau by Jan Dalman and associated photographic exhibitions, book launches and signing events.

Future projects are not limited to books or photography and will be born from shared artistic passions of the two business partners making use of their combined inspiration and skills.

Elizabeth Cameron Dalman and Andreas Dalman photograph by Barbie Robinson © 2018 Writing with Light

Elizabeth Cameron Dalman OAM, PhD

Dancer, choreographer, performance artist, writer

Elizabeth is a world-renowned contemporary dance choreographer, performer and mentor. She founded Australian Dance Theatre in 1965 and was its Artistic Director for 10 years before moving with her son to Italy. Returning to Australia eleven years later, she moved to Bungendore NSW in 1989 and founded Mirramu Creative Arts Centre on the shores of Weereewa/Lake George. In 2001 she founded Mirramu Dance Company. Her stage career continues to this day.

Mirramu logo

Andreas Dalman

Writer, designer, electronic musician, live event and project  manager, AV/IT technician

Andreas grew up in the wings of the theatre and worked in lighting, sound and event management roles from his early teens. His school years were spent in Italy close to the French border. Returning to Australia, he studied Theatrical Production at the Centre for the Performing Arts in Adelaide. After working in independent theatre and the Canberra Theatre Centre he became venue manager for the Sydney Theatre Company’s Wharf 2 experimental theatre in 2002. In 2003 he joined the AV team at the University of Technology Sydney where he has worked as a Project Manager and AV/IT Specialist.

out of silence: Marcel Marceau by Jan Dalman is his debut as a book designer and author.